Adrenosterone (11 OXO) 50 mg

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What is 11 OXO & what does it do?

11 OXO is a prohormone to 11-ketotestosterone, a mild compound which is great for building lean mass without any water retention or harsh androgenic or estrogenic side effects. Furthermore, it does not cause stress on the liver and is minimally suppressive.

What is 11 OXO good for?

11 OXO's standout quality is it provides rapid gains in muscle and strength alongside fat loss and with negligible, if any, side effects. While 11 OXO is not as potent as stronger prohormones, beginners trying prohormones for the first time can be assured their choice of compound works without any downsides and 11 OXO is ideal for this.

How to use 11 OXO

In addition to the information on the usage directions, we recommend beginners to prohormones should use 11 OXO for a period of 3-4 weeks only and to not take any other prohormone or SARM at the same time, nor dose it higher than necessary.

For those with experience of using prohormones, 11 OXO is a good choice of prohormone for imparting an additional anabolic quality but without burdening you with the side effects you may encounter by just dosing an existing prohormone you like at a higher dose. In fact, 11 OXO is pretty much perfect as a choice of prohormone which can be stacked with other prohormones.

As a mild prohormone 11-OXO is ideal for beginners who are worried about any negative effect of estrogen or DHT or women seeking a prohormone with much reduced risk of virilization symptoms.

When to take 11 OXO

Timing will not really matter much but in general we suggest taking 11 OXO with food containing a degree of fat and to take the capsules at roughly even time intervals.