Cypionax (200 mg/ml) 2ml

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Cypionax (200 mg/ml) 2ml


Information about the drug

Cypionax is a valuable steroid that contains testosterone cypionate as an active compound. Testosterone cypionate bind to long-chain esters with parent molecules. That’s why it is long-acting steroids. Naturally, testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for the sexual characteristics of males, the improvement of features accompanied by strength and muscle gain. Cypionax is an injectable testosterone steroid formulation that deals with muscle gain and constant strengthening outcomes.

Cypionax (Testosterone Cypionate) in general has special importance in the world of sportsmen and bodybuilders because it is aromatized easily that promotes the retention of fluid and muscular appearance under its effects that are associated with estrogen. If this Cypionax is used with a high-calorie diet its anabolic response includes immense rejuvenation and significant protein synthesis. Higher protein metabolism promotes the development of the accurate size of muscle and tissue-building effects.

Dosage and course

§ The initial dose of cypionax (testosterone cypionate) should be 50-100 mg/day
§ Cypionax initial dose is significant for efficient accommodation of the drug with the condition of the body.
§ If cypionax is administered with the proper direction it can fulfill the bodybuilder's requirement for muscle mass.
§ The half-life of cypionax is almost 12-14 days, it shows persistent and pronounced effects with the gradual release.
§ Cypionax shows high efficacy within 1 to 2 days and then declines. The rate of its action becomes persistent and would stay for a longer time.
§ The ideal duration of the Cypionax (testosterone cypionate) course is 6 to 10 weeks.
§ Cypionax can be cycled with other strong and mild bulking agents and testosterone esters.
§ The duration of the action of cypionax is long enough and injections are performed once a week which can save a high concentration.
§ Cypionax contains testosterone esters that show some important features
§ Cypionax can be used in combination with other drugs and have some benefits, it is most effective with nandrolone.
§ In combination with other drugs the dosage of cypionax is significantly reduced according to the proportion of other drugs that are used in parallel.
§ For beginners, the dosage of cypionax is about 250 mg per week, this can be increased up to 800 mg for athletes with more confidence and experience.
§ The dose should not be above 800 mg per week it will start the development of side effects.
§ In this range of cypionax course, at the end of the course good results as the net increase in muscle mass will be observed.
§ For athletes using cypionax regularly is important to know the recommended doses it will not only improve positive effects but also reduce the negative effect.


§ Cypionax is used by bodybuilders and sportsmen.
§ Cypionax is converted into estrogen and exhibits androgenic effects.
§ Cypionax has sustained effects due to its long-acting esters and has remarkable building properties.
§ Cypionax provide high energy
§ Cypionax improves the performance of users.
§ Improves positive nitrogen balance
§ Cypionax has anabolic effects that improve protein synthesis
§ Cypionax used for the treatment of sexual inefficacy.
§ Cypionax can be used against infertility and delayed puberty
§ Promotes masculine characteristics in males
§ Cypionax improves and strengthen muscle tissues