Testosterone Depo 250 mg/1 ml 5 amps Galenika

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Testosterone Depo 250 mg/1 ml 5 amps Galenika


Information about the drug

Galenika represents Testosterone Depo - an oil-based injectable steroid. Being both an anabolic and androgenic drug it is commonly used as a steroid in bodybuilding.
Testosterone Depo is well known as one of the most powerful steroids. In dependence on sportsmen's goals at the end of the cycles, they expect to obtain gain in mass and strength or lose fat. After Testosterone Depo usage each of these goals can be achieved. Its active life in the human body is about 15 days and the detection time is around 3 months.
Testosterone Depo enanthate can be combined with practically any other oral or injectable compound. For better results, many bodybuilders choose to stack with Testosterone Depo oral drugs like Dianabol or Anadrol and injectable one like Deca or Equipoise. Those seeking higher quality, albeit less dramatic, gains report good experiences with stacking test enanthate Trenbolone. If talking about bulking cycles sportsmen choose Deca.

The recommended dose of Testosterone Depo is from 250mgs-1000mgs/week. Female bodybuilders/athletes should avoid this steroid. Testosterone Depo produces amazing results and the higher dose is taken the results are higher. But bodybuilders/athletes should not forget that side effects are more pronounced with the higher dose. Here are some of them that can occur: acne, hair loss, prostate enlargement, and decreased production of natural hormones, etc...
Also like most testosterone esters, enanthate converts to both estrogen and DHT, which can result in excess water retention. In order to avoid these negative effects it is good to add an ancillary drug like Nolvadex and/or Proviron or an anti-aromatase compound dry as Arimidex, Femara, or Aromasin.

The treatment of all individuals with testosterone enanthate depends on age, sex, diagnosis, the response to treatment- and the onset of adverse effects. In general, the drug is well tolerated when prescribed as recommended. Delatestryl should always be injected into the buttock muscles and not simply underneath the skin. The injection site should be rotated to prevent abscess formation. Another option is to inject the drug on the outside of the thigh. The drug should never be administered intravenously.

The dose of Testosterone Depo should not exceed more than 1000 mg per month because the drug has prolonged activity. It is extremely rare to give this drug once every two weeks. The drug should always be inspected before injection. It is usually a colorless-yellow suspension that is clear. Any particulate matter or clumping indicates that the product is expired or inactive. The duration of treatment varies from 4-6 months.
The drug should be stored at room temperature.

Testosterone Depo is produced by many reputable pharmaceutical companies and Testosterone Depo (Galenika), Testosterone Enanthate (Rotexmedica, Germany), Testoviron Depot (Bayer Schering), Testosterone Enanthate, (Norma Hellas) Testabol Enanthate (British Dragon) EnanJect (EuroChem), Testoviron Depot (Schering).